Top 5 Reasons To Join It Works! Global

Top 5 reasons to join it works global
What a great question!  So many are looking to join a home business and the one thing holding them back is selecting the RIGHT one. I’ll start with some of the obvious basics…
it works wrap, SkinnyWrap, CrazyWrapThing, BodyWrap, #BodySlimmingWrap1. FLAGSHIP product!  It works has a first-to-market product, the It Works Wrap. Some call it a #SkinnyWrap, that #CrazyWrapThing, #BodyWrap, #BodySlimmingWrap, etc…  No other company on the planet has anything like our wrap.  Some have tried, but they have gone.  We are the REAL deal.  Our body wrap tightens, tones and firms in as little as 45 minutes.  It’s safe, affordable and made with plant botanicals.  I love that we can use the wrap right in the privacy of our own home.  EVEN better, It REALLY Works!  Take a look at my before and after photo album showing how great the results are.  We recommend you do a full treatment (one box of four wraps) as you take pictures with each application. Our #UltimateBodyApplicator is SEXY, affordable and FUN.  We also have products for weight loss, stress, anxiety, wellness and an amazing skin care line too.  What makes our product line so powerful is our flagship product.  It gets our foot in the door every time!  We are all passionate about helping people look younger and live longer.
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2. We are a DEBT-FREE company!  Not many companies in any industry can say that.  It’s something we put a lot of value in as well as teaching our people to live a debt-free life!  We are advocates for #DaveRamsey and his messages on money.  At It Works Global, #DebtFree is the new #SEXY.  Take pride in this; It’s very rare!  It also speaks volumes on our leadership and the owners of the company.  It Works! is not a flash in the pan.  No company has hit the #BILLION dollar mark since 2004.  We will!
it works compensation plan, it works global comp plan, compensation plan, mlm compensation,3.  Our Compensation plan is phenomenal.  As new companies are opening they are copying our comp plan verbatim;  it truly is that powerful.  We get paid according to personal effort and talent as well as a significant raise as we work to help our team experience massive success!  With a coaching and teaching background this was very important to me.  I’m also a math major and I can’t belief how much money goes back into our pockets.  We get paid a solid residual income as well as huge bonuses for sponsoring and gathering customers.  We also have a car bonus that gets paid in the form of cash. So you get to decide what you want to use the #CASHBonus for.  Lastly, we make WRAP CASH.  Our compensation plan pays out BIG and it can all be unlocked through our simple system we call STEPS to SUCCESS.  We have the system, all you have to do is sign up and follow it.  It’s that simple!  The work has been done for you.  The foundation has been laid.
stages of growth, it works global, it works global stages of growth, 4. It Works! launched in 2000.  We are not a brand new company nor are we a household name.  We did 20 million in sales in 2010, 40 million in sales in 2011 and 200 million in 2012.  We are poised to close out 2013 at the 500 million mark.  What is so cool about where we are at is the #Momentum we are in.  That is the magic behind joining the RIGHT company as much as finding a good product!  When a company is in momentum, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4, it’s exponential. I’m so excited, I know we haven’t seen anything yet.  We will be a household name like #MaryKay, #Amway, #HerbalLife, etc…  You get the idea.  But we will do it our way :)  Anyone signing up today will be the pioneers of It Works!
it works global corporate team, it works global leadership, 5. That brings me to my 5th point.  The People of It Works!  I believe the leadership of a company is as important if not more important than anything we have discussed up to this point.  I know that people buy people not product.  The people are the true heartbeat of It Works! and I can honestly say that I have made the greatest lifelong friends that I get to also call business partners through this home business opportunity. We are real people with REAL success making a REAL fortune.  There aren’t just a handful of us doing this and having success, there are MANY, and we still have yet to see who will make up the foundation of this company.
Will it be you? You’re your own deciding factor.
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Top 5 reasons to join it works global
***Courtesy of my friend Kami***