The Steps to Success Selling It Works Body Wraps

It Works Global has made some minor tweaks to what we call the Steps to Success, and I’d like to share them with you now.

The first Step to Success has three subparts: 1) Join 2) Boost 3) Autoship. Let’s look at this at this more closely.

STEP ONE: Join the Party!

JOIN: It costs $99 to become an It Works distributor. This gets you the membership, a few promotional materials and a box of wraps (four wraps total)

BOOST: While this is optional, I hope you can see that starting off your business with four It Works body wraps total will not be enough! You need 8-12 for any decent party. Wraps cost $59 a box, just like Loyal Customers, but we do have a couple of packages just for It Works distributors that make much more financial sense. The regular booster kit comes with eight boxes of wraps (32 total), three boxes of It Works facial applicators and the three products we demo at parties: Greens, Fat Fighters and the Defining Gel. A mini-booster kit comes with two boxes of ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicators, one box of facials and the aforementioned (just love that word!) three products.

So, the regular booster kit will set you up for three wrap parties and return $1,100 to you for the cost of $499. The mini booster kit (available only  during the sign-up process, then forevermore the opportunity to buy it is gone) will set you up for one wrap party and return $300 for the cost of $149.

AUTOSHIP: To be commission- and bonus-qualified, you need to be on an autoship yourself. You’ll want to replace all those It Works body wraps you’re selling, so you’ll need more. And then you sell them at more wrap parties.

STEP TWO: Wrap Free

Start wrapping people. The secret to selling It Works body wraps is this: She/he who wraps the most wins! Why? Because the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator actually works! So start wrapping people and gathering Loyal Customers. When you get FOUR in your first 30 days, you get a couple of bonuses:

FREE $120 product credit (for which I pretty much demand you get two more boxes of wraps, which you can turn around and sell for $200  … $200 pure profit is better than $120 in product credit and then you can buy whatever you like with your proceeds!)

You also get the right to buy a box of wraps for only $25 for each two Loyal Customers you sign up. So when you get your first four Loyal Customers, you’ll also get two “wrap rewards.” When you sell these two boxes, you make another  $150 pure profit!

STEP THREE: A Guarantee

Every time you get someone to sign up and do Steps 1 and 2, you’ll get $100 cash in what we call a fast-start bonus. If you’re launching your business with several parties, they’re pretty easy to find. We say it’s not hard to find three people to join you in this crazy-wrap-thing journey.

So you do all this and the company is going to guarantee you’ll make $500 by the second month. If you don’t, It Works will fill in the gap to make you $500.


But let’s not forget all that wrap money. That’s in addition to the commissions and fast-start money. So when you add up your $350 you made of the $25 boxes and the free product credit AND the extra wraps you sold as part of your original booster kit, well you can see where this adds up FAST.

And that’s how we like it. I’ll teach you to have a great first month. You teach others. Everyone is trying our fabulous products and having fun getting healthy and appearing more tightened and toned.

It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win!

For more information, CONTACT me! Ready to sign up? Do so HERE.

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