Signing Up to Become an It Works Distributor

When you are signing up to become an It Works distributor, the system takes you through several screens. This article describes the process when you decide to sign up as an It Works distributor via the computer. You may also sign up via telephone. CONTACT me for more information about how to do that. So when you decide to sell It Works body wraps, it’s an exciting moment! I know the feeling! You just want to snap your fingers and have your It Works business starter kit and first box of body wraps. As nice as that sounds, you’re going to have to make your way through our online system  to sign up to sell ItWorks body wraps. In the first screen, you just give your basic information. Next, you’ll pay the $99 price ($108 USD for European territories) of membership, which will include one box of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators. One box comes with four wraps, which you turn around and sell for $25 apiece at wraps. And voila! Your initial investment is covered. The next screen will ask you if you want to boost. When you decide to become an It Works distributor, it’s important to have enough wraps on hand, especially when there’s so much excitement. Your friends are going to want to try it, and you can’t wrap people if you don’t have enough wraps. I always say that first box that comes with the business starter kit is not enough to launch a serious business. So consider one of our two booster kits:

  • Party Booster: four boxes of wraps, one box of facial applicators and one each of Fat Fighters, Defining Gel, Lifting Lip & Eye Cream, and Greens. $349 ($130 to $187 USD for European territories as the Wrap Packs I & II). It’s enough for three parties and returns $500+
  • Mini booster kit: two boxes of wraps, one each of the Fat Fighters, Greens and Defining Gel. It’s $149  and returns $300 in wrap money.

So you’ve got your start! The next step always confuses people who are signing up to become It Works distributors. It asks about setting up an $80 BV autoship. Your autoship will not go out until 30 days after you initially sign up. You will not be charged for it until it ships. But, and this is a really important BUT, you are not bonus-qualified without your autoship being set up and run. There’s a lot of bonuses we offer the first month. Don’t miss out by neglecting this very important step.  Set up your autoship and have it run at least one time.  Then after your personal sales reach $400bv each month, if you don’t need product you can cancel your autoship from month to month, or as needed,  and still be qualified for commissions and bonuses.

Finally, you’ll be asked to think of a name for your business. I’m Wrap It Lose It. You can choose anything as long as it does not include the words “It Works.”  The website is free the first month, but then is $20 a month after.  A website is not required, but it is highly suggested as this is going to be your tool for selling online. Then you check out! Select how fast you want your It Works business starter kit and booster kit to arrive. I’ll give you tons of information on how to launch your It Works business successfully and properly, and you’ll be on your way!