Host a Catalog or a Facebook It Works Party!

Are you interested in hosting a catalog or facebook It Works party?  Sometimes we just can’t find the time to get together.  Perhaps your friends and family are spread all of the state or even the country and you want to host an It Works! party.   A great way to resolve your party issue is to have a catalog or a facebook party!

Its easy, its fun and its rewarding!  If you would like to host a Catalog Party with your family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc. please contact me with your mailing address or email and I will get a catalog to you ASAP!  

I’ll also send you an overview of how to have the most successful party where all can enjoy our products and you can get the best host(ess) rewards!  The host(ess) rewards are great!

If you would like to host a facebook party, please send me a friend request HERE and message me with the request to set up your party/event.  I will get the event set up, add you as a host and you can start inviting all of your facebook friends and family.




Contact me so we can get your party going!


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