Being a Distributor is GOOD

At the annual It Works conference it was announced that the GOOD, or Get Out Of Debt, Bonus is back!!  A $10,000 bonus! The opportunity to receive the bonus has been extended to those who sign up to be Distributors Jan 1st, 2013 or after.

good bonusIt’s really simple to have $10,000 added to your bank account.  Get enough people who want to become an It Works distributor (which isn’t very hard to find with a flagship product as fantastic as the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator) in your first three months.

I’ll say it again, the GOOD bonus is worth $10,000! That’s $400 a month ON TOP of the regular diamond commission, which is usually around $2,000 monthly, for 25 months. Of course, who wouldn’t want to become a diamond? So why not have an extra $10,000 for your efforts?

Can you do it? Of course!   I have an absolutely incredible team that will surround you, nurture you and give you all the support you need.  I have learned a lot from my own experience and from my team, and want to guide you to success.

For me, $10k will go to paying off my bills and a VERY NICE and well deserved vacation for my hubby and I.  What would you do with an extra $10,000?

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##Courtesy, in part, by my friend Penny

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